I'm a musician trapped in an Astronomer's body! By day I am lucky enough to get to work with students and faculty at West Virginia University as Associate Dean for Research at the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. At home, I am a doting husband and a proud father of three sons. The other side of my life is an endless journey into music. I love how it's such a common bond between people and a unique way to communicate with the world around us.
My favorite genres are jazz and folk. I particularly love sparse arrangements with vocals and acoustic instruments. I'm lucky enough to get to play with great musicians in the Morgantown area. Currently, I play bass and guitar in two bands - Tritone and Sugar Maple - and play solo as well. You can see my schedule by clicking on "Shows".
Tritone is a trio with Brandhi Irvon and Chris Plein. We're just a group of like-minded souls who get together from time to time and play in different styles. A precursor to this band was  Almost Blue which was a jazz/folk/country combo featuring Esta Hill, Wade Hill, Chris Plein and myself. We played together for about six years and released two CDs.
Sugar Maple is a folk/americana combo featuring Mary Angel Blount, Melissa Latimer, Tim Mashburn and myself. We've been playing in this line-up for a few years. Prior to that MA, Melissa and I were in a precursor to this band called Second Cousin and released a CD.
I've been playing music almost all my life in some form or another. In terms of live performances, I have been most active over the past five years during which time I have played over 200 shows. Back in the day, in my native UK, I used to play regularly in a wedding band and still admit to having a soft spot for wedding gigs. Most of my work these days is as a solo artist. I have three albums out and you can listen to the latest one  here.
My goals are just to keep on exploring music, to play what I hear, to write as many tunes as I can and to come up with new spins on old tunes. An endless source of great melodies which I explore as a solo artist is the hundreds of tunes in the Great American Songbook. I love to work out solo guitar versions of these songs and to sing some of them as well. Please get in touch with me to book any of the bands I am in, have me play at your next event, or just to say hi.